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Part of: Brangelina , Britney , Gossip , Hollywood , Kate Moss , Lindsay Lohan , Sienna Miller , Stoned!

--Angelina Jolie sometimes wears white. But is that a sweater coat or a bathrobe? I'm confused. [Perez Hilton]

--A group of hardcore James Bond fans have started the website where they have called upon the world to boycott Casino Royale. How sad. [My Way]

--Jude Law’s ex-nanny can’t keep her trap shut. She regrets everything, but still thinks that Jude should have fought for her job. This girl is dumb. Daisy Wright also thinks that Sienna shouldn’t blame her for the affair because ‘… it is impossible for someone to break up a happy relationship.’ Right. [Digital Spy]

--I think it’s a little unfair of burlesque queen, Dita Von Tesse, who along with anti-establishment rocker hubby, Marilyn Manson, sold out to Vogue magazine, to completely rag on Britney Spears for wearing sweatpants. At least we know that Britney must be spending some time with her child because she’s not spending hours getting her hair and make-up done and shopping. I think Dita is just jealous that Britney is so rich and doesn’t give a shit. [Female First]

--Kate Moss is set to play a lesbian socialite in an Ang Lee film starring Charlize Theron about the life of singer Dusty Springfield. Maybe she and Charlize will be wrestling for the Oscar for best actress in a drama next year—Not!!

--Now Lindsay Lohan is snubbing Kimberly Stewart. Why do we care about Kimberly Stewart again? I wish her publicist would tell us. [Female First]


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