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Katie Phone Home-Part 2

Part of: Gossip , Hollywood , TomKat

Katie Holmes was last snapped in Australia wearing a cover-up that could've been Burberry, but it looked like something a 1950's housewife would wear. What Katie really needs to do is to study some of these pictures of Gwen Stefani. Instead of wearing that Burberry muumu, she could have worn a Pucci-esque, flowy cover-up like the top in the first picture below on the left. I'm sure Pucci would even whip something up for her. She also needs to to burn that red-orange housecoat because a homeless person wouldn't even wear it. Maybe it's a color that attracts aliens, but still. I know Katie isn't as funky as Gwen, but she could get some ideas. And would someone please treat that girl to a day at the spa and a facial? It's better for her than coffee.


Katie Phone Home-Part 1
Not Another Horror Movie...
"TomKat" by Anonymous


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