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The Grass is Always Greener

Part of: Food , Hollywood , LA , Seinfeld-esque

[Breakfast: a rice krispie treat and green tea]

DK and I had brunch at Barneys Greengrass on Sunday. It was weird, cuz our waiter was acting all stressed out even though it was 2:30 pm and the restaurant was a quarter full. (Barneys Greengrass is where a lot of Hollywood types breakfast and lunch during the week, even though it's at the top of the Barneys department store.) I ended up ordering the French toast, which I almost never order out because it's pretty boring. I really wanted the baked apple pancake, but it takes 20 minutes and I was starving. My French toast arrived and I dipped my fork in the syrup to make sure that it was maple syrup. A richie-rich place like this could only have maple syrup. But they didn't have maple syrup. I dipped my fork in again to make sure I wasn't mistaken. DK got the waiter's attention for me, and I asked him for some maple syrup.

"Oh, I think that is maple," he said.

"I don't think so," I said.

"Let me check."

The waiter came back with my 100% maple syrup. "That other syrup is a 50/50 split," he said.

It seems to me that a posh deli shouldn't have to mix two types of syrups together, but maybe that's just me. I would also never think of serving cream cheese instead of whipped butter with flatbread and breadsticks.


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