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Posh Hearts Sienna

Part of: Food , Gossip , Sienna Miller

Sienna Miller and Victoria Beckham are reportedly BFF's. Let's hope that their friendship doesn't end like that of Denise Richard and Heather Locklear. The two bonded after allegedly puking up--that's my theory--Jamie Oliver's food at a recent Burberry party. (Jamie was sitting next to them and couldn't believe how much Sienna ate. Posh only had a salad.) The two originally met through Elton John's partner, David Furnish, and have hung out a couple of times.

Ananova reports:

When asked about her new pal, Posh said: "I love her. I just met her for the first time yesterday. She is lovely!" According to Scotland's Daily Record newspaper, Victoria introduced herself to Sienna by saying: "It's nice to meet someone who's almost as unpopular as me."

The paper quotes a source as saying: "You can certainly say it broke the ice between them. After that they spent a whole evening together gossiping like old mates."

I don't know why Victoria is complaining about popularity. If she ate more than salad and took a poor kid shopping every once in a while, she'd be popular. Sienna is just a loser for hanging out with Jude Law after he cheated on her. Popular chicks don't do that sort of thing. And complaining about the paparrazi when you're not a famous movie star is really pathetic.

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