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Patrick Reid is Closed

Part of: Fashion , Gossip , LA
Tara, Tommy and Patrick Reid

Who the hell is Patrick Reid, you're thinking. He's Tara Reid's brother, duh!!!! I just passed by his clothing store on Montana Ave. in Santa Monica and there was a 'for lease' sign on the window with no forwarding address. Patrick Reid opened in 2003 and was owned by Tara Reid's two brothers, Patrick and Tommy. Tommy also owns a production company, and who knows what Tara's sister and Patrick's twin, Colleen does for a living. I imagine that she got married as soon as she turned 18, so she could distance herself from Tara. I would've. You know that it was Tara's fault that Patrick Reid closed. I'm sure she would visit the store wasted and scare the customers away. I can picture her running around the store screaming and taking clothes off the racks to try on and making a mess of the store.

Apparently, Colleen looks up to her big sis and wanted to be an actress. I even had to crop this picture so her nip slip wouldn't show, ugh. No word on what she's doing for a living now. Stripping, perhaps?

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