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How Famous Chicks Deal With Stress

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It seems like Hilary Duff and Joel Madden's breakup is now official since People is reporting it. Yeah, once news hits People, I assume it's true. The breakup was allegedly instigated by Hilary and happened 10 days ago. What does Hil do to relieve her post-breakup stress? Go shopping at The Grove and eat junk food. She shouldn't have broken up with Madden because he made her somewhat interesting. I saw her on "Tyra" promoting her perfume the other day and almost fell asleep. She's soo boring. WTF? You would think that she'd be great at interviews considering how long she's been famous for, but no. Maybe if she had sex she'd have some passion.

Pam Anderson obviously broke it off with Kid Rock when she miscarried. She celebrated this afternoon by lunching at Shutters on the Beach with a friend. You know that she's totally happy to be free of the Kid. It would really suck to get pregnant when you were just having sex with an ex. I also don't get why Kid Rock was having unprotected sex with Pamela considering that she has Hepatitis C. I guess he has a death wish.

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Kate Moss decided to go shopping dressed like a bee while her fiance, Pete Doherty, is stuck in rehab for the umpteenth time after getting caught with crack cocaine. Kate should really invest in therapy, because Pete is the biggest loser. I understand being attracted to the bad boys, but come on, Pete isn't even hot. I know that she's not wearing her engagement ring, but that doesn't mean anything. Christmas shopping does relieve tension

Ashley Olsen got back at PETA for putting her (and Nicole Richie) on the top of their worst celebrity fur wearing list by wearing an animal print. You know the list. It's the one that Lindsay Lohan got crossed off at the last minute by wearing a fake fur and some cheap pen that said anti-fur or something. Yeah, Nicole and Ashley weren't so lucky. If you're going to wear fur (not that I'm a proponent) I wouldn't wear it before 40.

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