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Pre-Golden Globes Fuglicity

Part of: Television

DK and I were walking along the Third Street Promenade yesterday afternoon when we noticed a small group of women that were wearing long skirts which had pictures silk-screened on them of Joan and Melissa Rivers on the red carpet. I believe they were also holding signs promoting watching the TV Guide Channel for the Golden Globes--that's what DK said at least. (I could've sworn the signs said E!, which makes no sense. I need my eyes checked). This seemed like a pathetic publicity attemp that an intern had dreamed up and executed. I wasn't sure if the women modeling the fugly long skirts were interns, temps or extras. From their embarrasment, I assume that they were interns. They were standing around in a group not doing much with a few guys...BORING.


Ryan Seacrest aka The Puppet
Golden Globes


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