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Kristin Cavallari won't die. I wish that she would at least go back to Laguna Beach. Perez Hilton reports that she and ex-boyfriend, Brody Jenner, are back together again and that "The two enjoyed a very romantic lunch in Malibu on Wednesday at the Marmalade Cafe." Hmm...Marmalade is one of the least romantic restaurants that I can think of. It's like an upscale diner and is part of a chain. What's up with this blah couple? I only care about their existence because it proves my theory about Nick Lachey and Kristin being a fabricated couple. An insider told me that it was allegedly Brody Jenner who tipped off Star magazine about Kristin and Nick. Brody is known around town as a player, so perhaps this was his kiss and makeup present for Kristin. Isn’t that adorable? Hollywood 101: Publicity is much better than a room full of red roses.


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So, she was on some reality TV show? Is that the thang?

I'm more of an LC dude myself anyway.

kristin -
i think you are stupid i loved you on laguna beach but now... you think your hot stuff you will never be jessica stop trying so hard be yoursefl.
you dumped nick get over it ... i loved how you was always your self but know its like all you do is party i know the old jess is there somewhere ... try to find her !
nick -
think of other people as your are " finialy getting to do what you want " try not to rube anyones nose in it most likely you still love them deep inside we fell in love with that compassoniate nick where did he go ?

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