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Paris is Pathetic

Part of: Gossip , Hollywood , Paris Hilton , Rant , Television
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When I saw these pictures of Paris getting out of jail I actually felt for her. I know, I know, that's gross, but it's true. With little makeup on, normal clothes and regular girlish, non-rehearsed expressions, Paris Hilton was sympathetic. Then I watched her on Larry King last night and wanted to throw eggs at her. She was such a pathetic liar. NO, she 's never done drugs. So the various pictures of her smoking a joint and all that stuff on was just a joke, right? And that was just one of the various lies that she told. The Paris act was on again and she proved that she's just another spoiled, privileged rich heiress who thinks that she's above the law. According to Paris, anyone else who would've gotten caught driving with a suspended license multiple times would have only done 2 days in jail. So it was poor Paris again. And those ridiculous notes that Paris allegedly wrote were just cliches written by a PR assistant. I'm sure that Paris is on the way to Maui right now to help the destitute children at the Four Seasons Wailea.

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