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Please Pardon Paris

Part of: Gossip , Hollywood , LA , Paris Hilton , Politics , Trick Or Treat
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Morning sucks and you're probably feeling annoyed right now, but now you have something to laugh your head off at for the rest of the day. Paris Hilton thinks that she deserves a goverment pardon from Arnold Schwarzenegger I'm totally serious, or I should say that she is totally serious. If you want to read or sign the petition go here. Allegedly her friend "Joshua" started the petition and he thinks that Paris should be pardoned because "Paris Hilton did not hurt, injure, or kill anyone or anything, and yet she must do jail time." He also thinks it's unfair because "She provides hope for young people all over the U.S. and the world. She provides beauty and excitement to (most of) our otherwise mundane lives." Yeah. I would advise Paris to enjoy as many Pinkberry yogurts (seen above) as possible before she goes to jail.


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I don't know where to post this, but look at KD, my god:

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