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Artsy Video Store--Take 3

Part of: Seinfeld-esque , Slice of Life

I thought I would finally get out of the video store without incident.

Artsy Clerk #2 was smiling at me through his curled up moustache, "Hey, you know there is a dollar late fee on the account."

"Okay, I'll just pay it. I can be generous," I deadpanned.

"Well, you don't have to, since it's your friend's account."

I handed him the extra dollar. I was sick of hearing that the account had a balance.

The transaction was almost finished, when Artsy Clerk #2 looked up at me, "So, you're revisiting the past?"

Now I HAD TO admit that I had never seen "Roger and Me" before. I had tried to rent it a dozen times over the years, but it was always out.

"I have never seen it before."

"Ah," Artsy Clerk #2 said with a you're-obviously-not-a-film-geek look.

Damn. I was sick of the smug Artsy Video Clerks. Artsy Clerk #2 didn't even know the other movie I was renting. What about that? Whatever, there's always next week.


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