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Dirty Vegas

Part of: Travel

Vegas Tips

From a friend:

”i have two strange things you should do. or three actually.

one is find the place where you can do the skydiving, indoors. it's like a big fan that pushes you off the ground and you can't really get hurt. remember to arch your back up, the opposite of how it feels you should be when your in the air. trust me, it's a blast.

also, there are some gun shooting ranges where you can shoot machine guns there. that's fun too.

go on the new york new york roller coaster which kicks ass.”

Tiffany speaks:
1. I didn't get up the nerve to go skydiving
2. I don't like guns
3. The New York, New York rollercoaster was really scary. I sat in front row with an unhappy doctor who charmingly asked me, "Can I join you? Misery loves company." Speak for yourself, buddy.


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