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Money = Happiness?

Part of: Random

From the New York Times today:
"A large body of research on well-being seems to suggest that wealth above middle-class comfort makes little difference to our happiness, for example, or that having children does nothing to improve well-being -- even as it drives marital satisfaction dramatically down. We often yearn for a roomy, isolated home (a thing we easily adapt to), when, in fact, it will probably compromise our happiness by distancing us from neighbors. (Social interaction and friendships have been shown to give lasting pleasure.) The big isolated home is what Loewenstein, 48, himself bought. ''I fell into a trap I never should have fallen into,'' he told me."

Tiffany: I guess I should reconsider having kids, lots of money, and a large house in the middle of nowhere. Instead, maybe I'll buy a moderately sized beach house and adopt a child on my own.

Or, I could always get married, be satisfied and never have kids. That sounds like the more attractive option, but I'm still too young to decide. I wonder which situation I would adapt to better?


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