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Where is Saddam and Osama?

Part of: Politics

We supposedly know the general area where Osama currently resides--last I heard.

Colin Powell on "Charlie Rose" last week stated "Sadam is gone." He said this in a final way that lead me to believe Saddam was dead.

Have I been completely oblivious to the news? Did someone kill Saddam? That's what gone means to me. If he's gone-- meaning he's not in our face, I am not comfortable with Saddam's status. Is Saddam going to go to some island and hang out in paradise for the rest of his life? I don't think so. Could Saddam be hanging out with Osama or some terrorist group? If I were him, that's what I would be doing. I would want to get even with the US. Maybe that's just me, if I were evil.


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