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Champagne or cocktail?

Part of: Politics

I watched the last recall debate and have decided who I am going to vote for. Hint: it isn’t the absent candidate.

As someone close to me--born and raised in California-- said, “If Arnold is elected; California will get what it deserves.” I tend to agree with this statement, though it doesn’t make me feel proud to be from here.

I have my absentee ballot (that I assumed would be in the mail by now) that I will take to a polling place Tuesday-- how irritating. Now I have to mix with the public on Election Day? I don’t like being reminded of how stupid politics are, so I have only voted once at an actual polling place on Election Day. The only thing good about it was getting the “I Voted” sticker. Don’t ask me why I cared about a stupid sticker, but I did. I have been loyal to California. I never gave up my Driver’s license despite moving to Colorado and New York. I maintained my permanent California address and voted.

Anyway, today I spent the day cleansing my palate. No more recall talk. I watched “Boy’s Night Out,” a classic film starring Kim Novak. It was a fun romp, but I didn’t get why she poured champagne into two martini glasses. Was this appropriate? I also watched the last half of “The Philadelphia Story.” I’ve seen it about three or four times now. They used proper champagne glasses.

On a field trip to Blockbuster, I realized I am the last person without a DVD player. I don’t like Blockbuster and haven’t been there since May, but DVD’s have taken over. I even own DVD’s in anticipation of the DVD player I was supposed to have months ago. The problem is that I really need a larger-screened TV if I’m going to watch DVD’s.

I couldn’t rent “The Birds” because Blockbuster only had it on DVD. I am watching “The Birds” again because my Halloween costume is Melanie Daniels (Tippi Hedren) in the movie. I already have the costume because I was supposed to wear it last year. I ended up renting “Butterfield 8” and “Bowling for Columbine.” No, I haven’t seen it. Luckily, I didn’t go to my “local artsy movie store” to rent it. I will have to rent “The Birds” there, though. Watching classic films (like listening to classic rock) makes me depressed after a while. Even though I know there are lots of great modern films/bands, I feel like I missed something big. It makes me feel nostalgic for something I never even experienced. Yes, I live too much in my own fantasy world sometimes. Ah, isn’t being a writer great?


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