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Law and Order

Part of: Seinfeld-esque , Slice of Life

Hmmm… I need to try and finish this before the real (?) “Law and Order” comes on.

I didn’t sleep very well last night due to some anxiety over the deposition today. I got out of bed at 8AM (early for me). Luckily, the depo wasn’t for 8 or 9AM. I would have had to have coffee for my brain to function. I don’t like to have caffeine when I am anxious. I knew I could make it today on peppermint tea alone.

Thankfully, I have been feeling very calm and centered lately, which I was able to maintain today. After a breakfast of cottage cheese and tea, I went to Save-On and bought nude panty house. I haven’t bought nude hose in many years. They really do make legs look sexy. I wore an olive green straight skirt, feminine blue-green cardigan and a green Michael Stars top. Oh, I also wore my low pointy-black heels. The artsy-business casual look was achieved. I felt feminine and young, but professional enough.

The offices weren’t as far as I had thought. I met up with my attorney, C in the stuffy waiting room of the make-shift law office. We went to confer in a cheap-ass conference room. The walls had lots of scuff marks from the chairs. And, surprise, surprise, florescent lighting. C chastised me for bringing an envelope with my notes.
“The other attorneys might try to make you submit that for evidence.”

I thought C was being paranoid, but conceded. I mean, how can they make me give up a plain white envelope? I would have liked to have seen them try. I was looking forward to some conflict.

C busted out the “California” section of the LA Times. Hah, C wasn’t going to get to read with chatty Tiffany in the room.
“Have you always practiced personal injury law?”

C smiled, “I still do some criminal law and have done family law.”

I used to know a criminal lawyer.
“Um, do you represent any Joe Blow criminal ?” Pictures of crack whores and murderers went through my head. Gentle C represented this kind of scum?

C laughed, “Yeah, basically anyone.”

“So, what do you think about the Laci Peterson case?” Yeah, now I was getting my lawyer to work for me. Hmm..maybe I should interview him. Perhaps McSweeney’s would publish it.

C shook his head, “Sheesh, I think he’s guilty. I mean, he even looks guilty. What do you think?”

“Guilty,” I said without a beat.

“Yeah, I wouldn’t be his lawyer.” C paused. “Well, I would have to be paid lots of money. He has a great lawyer. The lawyer’s trying it through the media to try to get reasonable doubt. Now they’re trying to say devil worshipers did it.”

I laughed, “Really? That’s so reality television.”



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