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Are we sex addicts or is the media?

Part of: Politics

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A brainy corporate lawyer aquaintance of mine, Michael Rosner sent this to me. It's nice to see someone taking action via E-mail.

I sent something along this line to CNN today via their website's comment
section. I believe that what we are fed by the media is a function of what
we indicate we want to eat. Therefore, I feel that I have a responsibility
to make my position known. If you feel as I do about these issues, please
consider taking a few minutes of your time to reach out to any media source
you feel would be appropriate and make a statement.

Please feel free to pass this on to whomever you believe would be
interested. Thank you.


I am very troubled by the media focus on such stories as the allegations
against Michael Jackson, Kobe Bryant's rape trial and the entire Bill
Clinton saga. Not to mention some stories which are not currently in the
headlines but previously drew much attention such as Pee Wee Herman's movie
theatre incident and Hugh Grant's prostitution arrest.

It does not bother me that these stories are brought to the attention of
the public. What bothers me is that they seem to become channels for
people to point their fingers at others and feel better about themselves.
I would like to see these situations examined to see what is going on in
our culture today that is creating such troubling situations with respect
to our sexual conduct. Perhaps all of these high profile stories about
instances of disturbing sexual conduct could be used as a launching point
for some societal "soul searching" and as a means of educating our
citizens. I would love to see more stories educating the public on the
root causes of such types of behavior. It would be wonderful if you would
present more stories exploring such issues. These stories would add value
rather than be mere tabloidism.

I have always thought of CNN as a place where we, the viewers, can get away
from tabloid journalism and get responsible and valuable information. I
hope that you can see the opportunities to again lead your industry with
respect to these particular issues. Sincerely,


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