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Do You Hate Your Boss?

Part of: Rant

Go shopping at the dollar or 99 cent store for their holiday gift. I've heard of at least two people who've already done it.

In other news: My computer has gone crazy. The screen is turquoise and hot pink. WTF? Luckily the guy who hit my car last week is a computer tech and claims to be an A+--whatever that means. I doubt any computer techs go around saying they are B's. I have a gratis Sunday appointment with him.

I told my mother that, and her obvious reply was, "Well, I hope he's better at fixing computers than he is at driving."

"He's a computer tech at a major hospital," I said hoping that my mother would be wrong.

I will elaborate later, but don't ever buy a Dell computer. Dell has the worst customer service---ever!


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