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Part of: Food , LA

Breakfast: chai tea with oat milk

*Omigod, I just found out last night that an aquaintance of mine, Michael Steele, is the new Program Director at indie 103.1 Congrats Michael! Great things come to those who wait.

* I went to Father's Office last night (a neighborhood bar on Montana Ave). One time, a guy I was dating asked me if I wanted to meet up at my father's office, so I declined. It was years later before I realized it was a bar. Their hamburger is one of the best in Los Angeles, but it's tres gourmet.

The burger is "a mix of chuck, sirloin and dry-aged New York steak topped with Swiss Gruyère and Maytag blue cheese, enhanced with a bacon onion compote and laid tenderly on a bed of arugula in between the soft covers of a toasted mini-baguette. It's on a french roll and has gruyere cheese." The catch is they do not have ketchup or mustard on the premises, even for your french fries. They have some kind of aioli dip.

Last time I was there, my friend, J, requested a side of blue cheese for our salad. The waiter replied in a snobby voice, "We can't do that." There already was blue cheese on it, but very little. We noticed that a couple by us were eating a salad that was obviously not on the menu--it was a house salad. We questioned them and they admitted it wasn't on the menu and you just have to ask for it. substitutions or changes?

I bit into my burger and didn't taste any cheese. I flagged down the waiter, "This doesn't have any cheese."

The waiter sighed, "It's underneath the burger." It was indeed. I turned a bit red. J and I conspired to bring in ketchup next time.

Last night, J, brought a small ceramic bowl with ketchup in it. It was mostly for the fries, but we both wanted a small amount for our burgers.

"This is from when Liz brought over creme brulee for a dinner party. So, it's not like I'm wasting a dish," J said. "We can leave it here."

We both went into hysterics. Our plan worked, though I wonder if we started a lot of gossip in the kitchen. Maybe there was a meeting trying to find the employee who smuggled in ketchup for a customer. After all, who would go to the trouble of bringing and leaving a ceramic container of it?


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