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Part of: Seinfeld-esque

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Meal Du Jour: I don't usually like cheap restaurants, but there was a commercial last night for The Olive Garden: All you can eat soup, salad and bread sticks for $5.95. Yummy!

I did a couple of years ago for a couple of months. I only met 3 or 4 people in person. I like to either talk on the phone or hang out with people. IM and e-mail are so impersonal, and there are too many misunderstandings. A psychic I know told me that people are supposed to meet in real life, not over the internet.

My old profile from

My spontaneous and adventurous spirit has brought me here. I am into quality over quanity in life. I am not the "sterotypical" LA girl and don't want the same in a guy. I have no interest in keeping up with the Jones'. Having fun is very important to me. My creative jobs requires me to be intuitive, innovative and intelligent. These are important ideals in my life. I love to travel, and fortunately my job allows me the freedom to go away quite often. One weekend I will go to Vegas and the next to Big Sur for a yoga retreat. I love NYC, but am an Angeleno at heart. The ocean runs through my veins. I will forever be a mermaid. I appreciate fine culinary experiences. Brunch, martinis and ice cream are divine. I am pretty self-realized and secure. My ideal mate is my best friend. Loyalty, truth, integrity and compassion are essential in any relationship. I am always learning and reading and one of the few walkers in LA. I try to keep a childlike/light perspective in life. If we take ourselves and life too seriously, it is a waste. Life is but a dream...

Two funny responses:


If you and I had a successful meeting at a coffee house and had proceeded
to talk on the phone a few times and the chemistry just felt right, then our
second date would include the following ingredients:

1 long stem Chilean Rose with beads of dribbling water
1 picnic basket
1 dozen water crackers
½ dozen slices of smoked Gouda cheese
1 assortment of fresh fruit including strawberries, cantaloupe, watermelon, and grapes
1 bottle of Merlot wine
2 wine glasses
1 gentleman with conversation

If this sounds appealing and you are interested, send me an email.

I found your profile and cute smile very sweet...kinda like Hershey's Kisses :)

Tiffany asks: What would've been your best reply to my profile? (I'd like to hear from men, women, straight, gay whatever..(:)


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