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Don't Google Script Reader

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**This is an example of a real e-mail I got from a, um, (I don't think he is necessarily a fan of my writing) guy. I've gotten many of these. If people just straight out ask for advice and don't mention my diary, I don't usually respond. Especially, since at this point, I've aquired many of these e-mails. I am over them. Maybe I should start a website and charge people for my Hollywood advice...**


I got an email from a script-reading training corporation that I knew just had to be a hoax. Google-searched and scored. Buyer beware sites screamed "PUT THE PHONE DOWN!" I did. Well, actually, I didn't, since I was online and wasn't holding the phon---oh, nevermind. Google also turned you up. Somewhat curious about this script-reading profession, I read through your article.

I must keep this short or your mind will stray, I know I know.

Anyway. I live in Indiana. I'm poor. I need work. I'm a good reader. My mother and all my teachers told me so. Despite your not-so-glowing review of your profession, I was wondering how easy it is for someone like me to get a job doing this (someone like me = without experience and living in a state where the ability to read is something you can proudly put on your resume). Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks."

Second e-mail of the day. I guess I should be happy this story is coming up again. I thought maybe this one was a prank, but now I don't think so.


I have been looking all over the web about script reading. No luck. I read your day in the life. Would you please let me who I would need to contact to be a script reader? I live in AZ. so I would have to snail mail or email them. Please let me know what is the correct way or who I contact @ a movie studio. Any info. would be great.

Thank You;

**Some free advice from Tiffany:

Unless you live in Austin, Chicago, New York City, Los Angeles and possibly San Francisco or Florida-- there is a minuscule chance you can be a scipt reader. **


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