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Drive Me Crazy

Part of: Rant

I will someday be a Zen driver. That day is far off— in some other country, perhaps. Traffic in Los Angeles is awful. My biggest driving pet peeves of late are drivers who talk on their cell phones without headsets and people who stop at stop signs and do other things.

I’ve only been guilty of not using a headset. What finally got me to buy one was a conversation with a Fire Station Captain. He was telling me about how many bad accidents were caused by cell phones. Yes, I felt guilty and incredibly selfish. I was in a car accident last year that was most likely due to a cell phone.

Have you ever noticed that 90-95% of the time drivers doing stupid things are on their cell phones? People, buy a fricking headset!! It is a pleasure to use a headset. I even use my headset on my land line. Now I sound like a commercial, but it’s true. Once you have one, you’ll realize how distracting holding your cell phone was.

And who are these people who use stop signs to freshen up their make-up, read mail, etc.? Pull over to the side of the road if you need time to do these things. You’re not at a red light, folks. This is not only very dangerous but plain stupid.

I know it’s tempting to use your car as a second home, but it’s not fair to other drivers. You people are being completely self-absorbed by endangering other lives and your passengers. Get a clue.


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