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Are you Metrosexual?

Part of: Fashion , Politics

Simon Dumenco
delves into the new cultural phenomenon of male shopping in the media, which is threatening to take metrosexualism to the 'burbs.

Tiffany speaks:

Women and gay men are not trying to turn straight men into gay men. I find it fascinating that the handful of very successful straight men I have dated all dressed well, were impeccably groomed, and had great interior design. I know not every guy with money has good taste or style. There are poor guys with good taste and style, too. I even know gay men with bad taste!

People do make first impressions partly on outward appearances. When I was in Florence and Paris I noticed most men took pride in their appearance. Some of my guy friends would surely call these men "metrosexuals." But seriously, that's not possible guys. Being a slob and wearing clothes with holes is not manly--it's gross.


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