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Dirty Fish in Beverly Hills

Part of: Food , LA

Breakfast: slice of pumpkin bread

Tiffany: Matsuhisa is a really chi-chi sushi restaurant in Beverly Hills. It used to be the most expensive sushi place in the U.S. Now that title belongs to its Beverly Hills buddy, Ginza Sushi Ko. Sources say it's still hard to get a reservation.

From CalendarLive section of the L.A. Times:

Since Aug. 22, Matsuhisa has a red C hanging in its window instead of a blue A.

Matsuhisa's score of 78 resulted from points off in eight categories, including hand washing and food storage (Restaurants are graded on their compliance with state health and safety regulations; details are on the Web at are at

The Health Department allows a restaurant to request a follow-up inspection to improve its score once a year, and Matsuhisa took advantage of this option last October, after a score of 84 (B). So they're stuck with the C for the time being.

According general manager Mark Varouxakis: "Nothing's really changed. Everything's up to par. [The inspection results] just make us work harder." Have reservations fallen off? When we called Thursday afternoon for an 8 p.m. reservation Friday, we were told it was "slim pickings," but were offered a table at 7.


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