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You Are My Only Girl/But You’re Not My Only Girl/

Part of: Rant

Breakfast: slice of pumpkin bread and green tea. "The Wifely Art of Standing by" from the N.Y. Times Sunday edition

"...Meanwhile, outside a courtroom in Colorado, the big question is: Where's Vanessa? The absence of Mrs. Kobe Bryant next to her husband at the preliminary hearings for his trial for rape has been widely parsed for significance. The flash of the $4 million diamond he bought her after admitting adultery is fading behind the question: What does her absence mean? It may be true that behind every powerful man is a woman, but even more true is that next to every powerful man in trouble, the public expects to see a woman propping him up."

Tiffany responds: I can guarantee you, if my man--married or not, famous or not-- announced to the world that he had committed adultery; I would not be standing behind him or by his side. Maybe for some women, money heals everything. I could never put a price on that kind of humiliation.

I’ve been hit on by quite a few taken men in my short lifetime. I think if I had been in relationships with these men before they were taken, I would have figured out they couldn’t be faithful. If I ever get this vibe from someone now, I stop dating them.

I don’t really believe in reformed players. I think it’s quite possible to be able to figure out if your potential mate will cheat on you. If they exhibit any player-like qualities or are narcissistic, things don’t look promising.

Also, taken men or women who engage in lengthy conversations on the phone or via E-mail with the opposite sex can be very suspect, especially if it’s ever sexual.

I guess some men have a sense of security once they are in a relationship and figure this will make them more appealing to other women—imagine that! This works especially well if their significant other is very attractive. I’m not saying only men are like this. I know a woman who has cheated on all of her boyfriends. So, don’t think I’m being sexist.

And I don’t buy that for men it’s natural for fidelity to be difficult. There are plenty of women out there who have temptations or think about the excitement of having sex with someone other than their mate.

Personally, I would dump anyone who cheated on me, because I couldn’t respect them anymore. Two of the most important qualities in any of my relationships with people are trust and loyalty.


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