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Mad Magazines

Part of: Seinfeld-esque , Slice of Life

My magazine subscriptions are out of control.

Magazines I subscribe to:

1. The New Yorker
2. Vanity Fair
3. Allure

Gift subscriptions:

1. National Geographic
2. Harper's Bazaar
3. Interview
4. Self
5. Lucky 6. Entertainment Weekly

For Christmas, a friend gave me subscriptions to Harper's Bazaar (I would have liked Vogue) and Interview. S is one of my best friends, yet does not buy me good presents. Is this saying there is something inherently wrong with our friendship?

A boss gave me National Geographic. This was another seemingly thoughtless gift. I do not come across as nature girl. National Geographic is odd. I had not idea it was *easy reading*. It does have pretty pictures.

I do love the maps they sometimes enclose. Is there a map-of-the-month club? My boss thinks it's special how they come wrapped in brown paper bags. Note to all bosses: Your employees only want money.

Lucky and Self are fun magazines. However, Self clearly recycles content more so than any other magazine.

Speaking of recycling, since I get a million magazines, I must go to the recycling center to deal with them--another pain in the ass. At least I don't hoard them as much as I used to. Of course, none of my magazine gifters know about my blog/journal. Oh, well. It always feels good to rant.

Update on the post office:

You all know from my older entry that I talked to my postal office workers regarding my two months of missed Lucky magazines. Well, last month, one of the only really important Entertainment Weekly's I needed never showed up. It was the fall TV preview with Alicia Silverstone on the cover. I called Entertainment Weekly to have them re-send it. This time they sent it in a manila envelope. It also irritates me that I always get this magazine late (as well as The New Yorker). I should get it on Friday, but often it comes between Monday thru Wednesday. EW told me I have to complain three times and then they will track them for me. Maybe my post office supervisor won't ignore my complaints next time. I must amend that. Maybe my post office supervisor will actually listen to me next time. FYI, I got a PO Box so I would get all of my mail.

P.S. Non-members can put their URL's now in the comments section. I fixed the HTML. Now I have to figure out how to display my e-mail address, Coming soon....


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