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Journalspace Quotes of the Week

Part of: Literati , Random

From LyricalXPression

"I love when Bush came out and said, "We are losing the war against drugs."
You know what that implies: there's a war being fought, and people on drugs are winning.
What does that fucking tell you? Smart creative people on that side--they're winning a war, and they're fucked up! Jesus! Imagine if they were sober!
They'd own us..."

From Cinemaminima

"[If you are in the movies and you are fucking, there is no problem with that. What I'm talking about is the problem with trying to tell a story and showing fucking. Hollywood movies resolve this dilemma, mostly by telling a story without showing fucking; porn resolves the dilemma by showing fucking without much of a story.]"

In other JS news: One of my favorite's, Spinstergrrlhas returned to the JS community. Yay!!!

EDIT NOV 20: In other regular news: I have checked out Luke Ford's fansite and it's very tactful and literate.

NYC: I am still accepting donations for my ticket to NYC. (Click on the donation button under Sponsor My Journal.)Todd Martin and David Veloz have both made generous donations, but I still only have a quarter of my ticket. Remember, I will write here when I'm in NYC for a much needed holiday if you all can donate a mere five or ten bucks. It would all add up to my ticket!


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