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Aisle or Window Seat?

Part of: Seinfeld-esque , Travel

Breakfast: same as yesterday

I was watching Seinfeld the other night. The episode was based around flying. Jerry and Elaine ended up getting bumped off a flight, so they were rewarded with one first class ticket. Jerry got the first class seat with the logic that Elaine wouldn’t know what she’s missing. Elaine reluctantly agreed, though I don’t know why.

Both Jerry and Elaine sat in the aisle seats only to have to move to their real window seats. Personally, I like to sit by the window so I can look at the sky and landscape. It also makes me feel less claustrophobic. But with my high water consumption, I should really take the aisle seat.

I used to think that window seats were the most coveted, but perhaps the pendulum has swung the other way. People probably like the aisle seats better now because they can get off the plane a few seconds faster. With our more complicated lives it’s important to have a few seconds advantage. First one who gets their carry-on luggage down will win the lottery!

I noticed that Jerry was offered slippers and remarked on how beautiful the
Lavatory’s flowers in first class were. Also, his sundae was double the size of the one I had in first class, and he got a warm cookie. Jerry was literally sitting next to a model and had the nicest flight attendant. I guess I should’ve flown first class back in the day. Don’t you hate when people use that expression? Elaine ended up sitting in the middle seat in coach. The aisle seat was occupied by a man who really needed two seats. At one point, when everyone was sleeping, Elaine tried to sneak into first class but was caught.

The last time I had the middle seat, I was on the last leg of a trip back to LA from Europe. I was on a Delta flight out of JFK. I don’t believe I’d ever flown Delta before, and that plane’s coach was like being in ghetto class. Luckily there weren’t a lot of people on the flight, so I got to sleep in a row. I felt like I was in prison and needed to watch my back, because the people were so seedy. The interior of the plane was bright orange and navy blue. It was like I had gone back to the 1970’s. I prayed that the ancient plane wouldn’t crash. After that flight, I vowed to never fly Delta again.

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