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j'suis un canard geant!

Part of: LA , Slice of Life

[Breakfast: three pieces of tuna sushi with avocado and brown rice from Whole Foods. Half of a Tazo iced green tea with lemon and honey.]

I will have to write later, because it is a gorgeous day. I am off to write and go for a walk on the beach. Wish me luck...


Writing went okay. Sitting on a picnic bench with my favorite new ginger ale, I day dreamed about the story I was working on. It helped me hone in on the details. Unfortunately, a guy's loud voice kept on puncturing my soft, out of focus world.

I decided to get something to eat. It was 3PM, so I didn't want to have a real meal. I wandered around the deli before deciding on potato salad and H&H bagel chips--the loud guy took my order. Of course he had to shout at me, "What are you working on out there? You were sure writing fast."

Shut up. I laughed and grabbed my potato salad. Maybe next time I'd say I was working on my will or pre-nup. I hope he wasn't an actor, because any sane casting director would want to shoot him.

A tall man with a black bowl cut shoved a basket toward me. I reached inside. There were samples of a daily face cream from L'Occitane. I really don't need face cream, but the packaging was so pretty and the words were moslty written in french.

I heard some girl say she wanted to be a journalist to Bowl Cut Guy. They probably went to college together.

Later when I ventured in the store, Bowl Cut Guy was telling the other clerk too enthusiastically, "She wants to be a journalist too!!!"

No one I went to college with was that nutty about being a writer. I'm glad that Bowl Cut Guy felt embraced by the warm womb of his private college and was still a romantic. To being young and naive! Oh, I already had too many glasses of Veuve Clicquot last night.


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