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Could I Be the Next Apprentice

Part of: Television

Breakfast: Mocha Chip Balance Bar

I was checking out the mailboxes at the UPS Store by my post office. I believe I will get my magazines if I switch my post office box to a UPS Store a few stores down.

I know this isn't logical but so be it. I think the mail employees are more tempted to read my magazines because they know my box is there. The Mail Boxes Etc /UPS Store brochure promises, among other things, a Prestigious Street Address.

And I could probably talk them into processing my Apprentice application for free. The note on their cash register says:

Apprentice Applicants

There are no drop offs

If you'd like to leave your application

There will be a $5 processing free.

Mr. Trump would be proud, though I think they could get $10.


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