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Dear Tiffany

Part of: Sparkly


Breakfast: small coffee and a glazed buttermilk donut from DK's

I will be answering five of your questions about Hollywood or Los Angeles. Please email me:

Aesop's twin brother writes:

#1 "Since you are around famous people in Hollywood and L.A., you must be rich and famous."

Tiffany: "Was that a question?"

Robofrost writes:

#2 What are your top five L.A. breakfast
caf├ęs (as opposed to high-end breakfast buffets)
using criteria of quality/style and atmosphere?

Tiffany: "Bread and Porridge, Toast, Doughboys, Geoffrey's (Malibu), and The French Market Cafe (in Venice)."

P.S. "I'm not a fan of breakfast buffets."

Jim writes:

#3 "What is your favorite beach and how often do you go there?"


"Jim, I may as well give someone my address if I tell them what beach I frequent and how often. I will not give out my favorite beach. I don't want people going there. However, I will say that my favorite beaches are in Malibu."


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