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What's Your Party, Baby?

Part of: Politics , Television

*Updated I did get one link that I know of from LegalXXX!

Breakfast: Honey Peanut Balance Bar

Note: Boi's guest bloggers are lazy or busy, so I've been kind of taking over. At least I'm having fun. It's so easy to irritate some people there. I swear I'm not trying to.

I just had to share this guest blog post by yours truly:

Did anyone here see the season finale of Curb Your Enthusiasm?

Larry David almost cashes in on his 10th anniversary gift-- to sleep with a woman other than his wife. He's making out with the hot chick that plays the Swedish actress/secretary in The Producers when he notices a framed picture of George Bush. "You're a Republican?" he asks. She confirms this, and Larry takes off.

I could date a Republican and have, but not one who had a framed picture of Bush. That would be creepy.

I was thinking we should update the come-on, "What's your sign?"

Instead: "What's your political party?"

I believe it's a little more telling. I know you're all dying to know that I'm an Independent.

Christopher Cross writes: "Is that the political equivalent of being Bi? Don't really want to commit to either team, but just want to "sample" now and then?"


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