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Roasting Omarosa

Part of: Television

[Breakfast: A large slice of poppyseed Bundt cake ]

Omarosa needs to smoke a joint or go on meds. On “Oprah” the other day, she went into a rant about how she was portrayed on “The Apprentice.” It was like other black women have been betrayed for years on TV: bitchy and headstrong (other adjectives will be in her book). Yes, she takes responsibility for her actions on the show, but she maintains that it was also edited a certain way. I’m sure millions of black women winced when she said that. Perhaps some of them said to their TV’s, “I know you didn’t just say that, Omarosa! You are no sister!” Diplomatic Oprah and not-so-diplomatic Donald Trump kept their mouths shut.

Omarosa, again on “Oprah,” insisted that another contestant from the show, Ereka Vetrini, had called her a nigger. Oh, and when Omarosa had pointed out some negative personality traits to Ereka previously on “The Apprentice,” Ereka had snapped back, “Look who’s calling the kettle black.”

“You are such a racist!” Omarosa said, neatly playing the racism card. I highly doubt anyone is comparing her to Rosa Parks, especially when she made this “racist” (according to her logic) retort about herself (via

I may be the black sheep of that [The Apprentice] family, but I’m certainly a part of that family.

On last Thursday’s show, Omarosa got a call during dinner and refused to do her job because she was busy. Anything that resembles grunt work or that doesn’t fit into Omarosa-special-person-caliber is a no-no in her vocabulary. I can see her thought bubble to 95% of her tasks: “As if!”

Omarosa’s M.O.W.: Ignore work, complain, act high-maintenance, and then blame others when things fall apart. In Omarosa’s defense, the dinner incident did seem staged. I don’t think Omarosa is that stupid, but perhaps I’m underestimating her.

I talked to a very successful business man I know about his opinion of Omarosa. “She’s a manipulative liar. Omarosa thinks that she’s special and should only have to do certain designated work. I don’t think that dinner incident was staged, because professional liars can’t keep track of the truth—they’re deluding themselves. That’s why it doesn’t matter that she knew she was being taped.”


“What do you think of Kwame?” I asked.

“He’s a sharp guy. I’d hire him,” he said.

“But he picked Omarosa as his second pick!!”

“Yes, I don’t know why he did that,” he agreed.

I wonder if Kwame secretly has a crush on Omarosa, or maybe he wants to be praised in her book for being a supportive black man. Kwame didn’t even reprimand her when she messed up Jessica Simpson’s airport transportation and tried to blame him for not doing *her* job.

Kwame should not be the apprentice because he picked Omarosa (second at that) to be on his final team. Who in his right mind would hire Omarosa after witnessing first hand her antics on the show?

Not my favorite pick-- Bill. I’ve been rooting for him for weeks now. I have a bit of a crush on Bill. The last few weeks I confided in Successful Business Man, “I want for Bill to win. I like him.”

“You don’t hire someone because they’re likeable. Trump needs to hire the person with the job skills for whatever position is open.”

What does Successful Business Man think of Trump?

“He’s a dictator-- despicable, emotional, arrogant and egocentric. However, he did brand the Trump name, which is impressive.”

I gloated to Successful Business Man after Thursday’s show, “Bill aced his interviews with Trump’s inner group because they all really liked his personality.”

I continued, “No one has spoken badly of Bill, and he is so even keel.”

“Of course, we already know he has the chops,” I added for good measure.

I was gushing... Successful Business Man didn’t notice. I switched gears.

“Amy, on the other hand, was called a Stepford wife by one of Trump’s right hand men. She really got on my nerves toward the end, but a strong, opinionated, egocentric woman is not a Stepford wife. That guy needs to re-read the book.”

Successful Business Man didn’t get the reference.

“Don’t worry. They’re doing the second movie remake with Nicole Kidman,” I said.

“I don’t get her appeal.”

I couldn’t win with Successful Businessman. “Then maybe you should see the original with Katherine Ross.”

He had already lost interest in the conversation. We set a date to watch the finale of “The Apprentice” together. I volunteered to bring the champagne.

IckyTheIcicle writes:

"I just had to comment on your last entry about The Apprentice's Omarosa. Sadly, miss Omarosa attained her doctorate from a highly prestigious historically black college, which I happen to attend. I believe that she may be academically smart, book smart, after all it's incredibly hard work at the PHD level. However, I totally agree with you and almost everyone else that she's a downright BITCH. Everyone at my school was proud that she represented us on Trump's show until the public saw through her bickering, nasty, self absorbed ways, now, everyone just ignores the subject. She needs a serious attitude adjustment or reality check. I really don't know what her problem is but I know she won't reach too further with that attitude she has."

Dewar writes:

"I have to admit I've been watching "The Apprentice" too (although I missed some of the first ones). I liked your column about tonight's episode. It still amazes me some of these people made it as far as they did - they didn't seem to be very bright. Didn't understand why Kwame picked Ms. O - the woman's a joke. Maybe he was trying to be nice or something but still, it really seemed strange. I got a laugh though, when I saw her screw up (on camera), then lie about it. Then forget the lie, and screw that up too. I have run in to so many people like that on campaigns who do exactly that - only the impact of their screw up is felt sooner and harder - I've even seen a US Senate campaign lose because of screw ups by people like that. I'm pulling for Bill because he's the non-MBA guy, and he made money in the dot-com era without going bankrupt too. Although the cowboy guy was funny too."


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