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The LAckadaisical Times

Part of: Politics


Breakfast: half of a toasted baguette and an iced-coffee w/ half and half from one of my favorite French cafes

BoifromTroy writes on his blog:

You might remember, like more than ten days ago, Tiffany Stone and my accounts of a party at the home of Arianna Huffington? Oh, you say you forgot? Well the Los Angeles Times, ever so timely, reports about it today. Get the story ten days late. Get the Times.
Coming soon: An informal account of a day in my life---an overheard conversation with an actress-- and much more!

From one of my favorite blogs, Hostage:

The jealousy of other painters has always been the thermometer of my success." ~Dali

Go here to see a really cool picture ("City of Night" 5/03/04). This is another groovy blog. Dan Renzi (from my link list) has a particularly great main page right now.


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