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"A White Russian with Soy, Please"

Part of: LA

Brunch: Egg/Swiss Cheese on a Bagel
Dinner: Noma Sushi

Successful Business Man told me the other day that I say you know too much. I thought I was over that stupid filler phrase. It’s like and um are other fillers I abhor. Now that I’m aware of my you know problem I can resolve it. I wonder where it comes from.

Last night I was out with Rebecca. We went to Nagao sushi in Brentwood. Some guy that wanted to date me used to always talk about taking me there.

Rebecca was all over the rolls wrapped in cucumber. The rolls were really refreshing and and light. I think this place has served them for a while and it doesn’t have anything to do with the low carb craze. (Later I told SBM about them, and he said they weren’t new or anything.)

Rebecca said Nagao’s sushi isn’t that great. We did try their monkfish liver, which Rebecca craves weekly.

“I hope it’s not toxic or anything—you know?” she said. I tried another bite of the monkfish liver. Last time I didn’t like it, though it was better than uni (sea urchin).

Not bad—the seaweed and monkfish texture worked well together.

“I think it’s high in cholesterol—SBM told me that,” I said pouring Rebecca some more Sake. It was so hot that I had to wrap a napkin around the mouth of the bottle. Rebecca and I are fans of cold Sake, but the warm stuff is cheaper and not horrible tasting.

Rebecca brought the too hot Sake to her lips then set it down. “Dillon bought vanilla soymilk yesterday.”

“Really? I didn’t know that word was in his vocabulary.”

“He made White Russians for breakfast instead of smoothies. I told him he was missing the point. But they were really good…”

I made a face.

“Swear to God,” said Rebecca.

I liked soymilk, but mixing it with alcohol seemed gross.

“Have you seen the show 'Coupling' on BBC?” I asked.

“Uh, uh.”

“It’s great—like friends but edgy,” I said.

I wonder if that’s a crude comparison. I liked friends for one or two seasons. The US version of “Coupling” was boring. I only watched it once or twice and probably not the whole way through, but I’m pretty confident that is wasn’t good.

Note to producers: There is no way to translate British humor.

It did take me sitting through the BBC’s "Coupling" for a whole show or two to get into the rhythm, but that often happens with good music, too.

I kept on seeing “Coupling” listed on Michael’s webpage. Since his job is to write about TV, I thought I’d try it. I wish I would’ve watched it sooner.

PS RIP Jeff Buckley

PPS Happy Birthday, Angelina Jolie


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