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G-Spot Mail

Part of: Trick Or Treat

Breakfast: 11 cocoa almonds from Trader Joe's

I figured out why I like the sound of Gmail so much. It's all about sex, baby. G-spot/Gmail. Hard to find and hard to get.

I'm a bit peeved at Google, really. Google proper (not just the bot) reads my blog sometimes, and they didn't extend a Gmail invite to me. Where's the love?

Gmail is in beta right now, so one must be invited to join. I won an invite from Musiclvr514. Gmail is cool because it has 1,000 megabytes of storage and an easy way to find old e-mails. I am happy.

Someone told me that there's some weird "Tiffany Stone" chick on Friendster. (I've never registered.) Well, I got, there!

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