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Kerry in Vogue/ Bush Buh-Bye

Part of: Politics

Updated with a link to Bush Twins' photo in Vogue (are they wearing draperies?)

It's all over for the Bushes. The Kerry girls are sitting pretty with their photos in the September Vogue magazine ready to go to press. Any vaguely fashion conscious person knows that September Vogue is the Bible. The fall collections are featured in the September issue of fashion magazines. Magazines are sparse around this issue, especially in August, the Bush twins' issue. So the Bush twins are obviously passé. A piece in the New York Times questions the relevancy of voting for a candidate partly based on their offspring:

…"a voter in, say, 1848, wouldn't have dreamt of trying to figure out how much Zachary Taylor's children loved him," Michael Beschloss, the presidential historian, said the additional exposure was part of a broader evolution in how voters chose candidates, now based on comfort with character as much as policies. "You're trying to find a window into the guy's soul,'' Mr. Beschloss said. "You draw conclusions from what someone's friends and family are like. It doesn't give you too much insight into a candidate's tax policy. But it does illuminate what kind of person he is."
I totally agree. Forget the fortune cookies, astrologers and psychics. For the first time in history, the most relevant fashion magazine has predicted this country's future president, and I’m happy that it’s John Kerry. (Maybe the Pentagon will go read Vogue now instead of my blog.)


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