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Six Degrees of Fox

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[Breakfast: 1/2 of a scone and iced coffee]

[Saturday's Breakfast: omelette with spinach, onions, swiss cheese and turkey bacon. Sides: fruit cup and an english muffin.]

I was going to brunch this afternoon at Bread and Porridge--one of my faves. The wait was 30 minutes! I never go there on Saturday, but the wait's never been more than 15 minutes. I was a bit peeved. It's become a hipster place in non-hipsterville. On the way back to my car, I passed Scott Foley. Yeah, he was heading to my favorite Santa Monica breakfast joint.

We both looked at each other. He looked at me for an extended amount of time, but he probably thought that he knew me. (I had come post-workout and wasn’t looking hot.) When I got to my car, I turned to my friend.

"That was Scott Foley--you know, from Felicity."
"I know. He was checking you out!"
"I think he thought I was someone he knew."
"He seems really normal. He's cute."

Scott Foley is cute and lives in Santa Monica. He's G.D. (geographically desirable) but an actor. I'm not into dating actors, but would go out with Scott if he asked me--maybe he'll Gmail me. Notice how I'm logically illolgical.

My other star sighting this week in Santa Monica was Natalie Portman--well, I'm pretty positive. Portman was going into an apartment complex a block from Ocean Avenue and some freaky neighbor (an older man) was engaging her in conversation. Portman looked like she was trying to get away from him.

I actually sat next to Portman in the VIP section at a show when I worked in the music industry. She was dating a music exec at the time. Portman seemed sweet and was quiet. People said she really was lovely.


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