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Not the Zagat Guide

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[Breakfast: 'the favorite' scramblette from Toast]

The Best Restaurants in West LA That You Have Never Heard of*

1. Hiko Sushi (310) 473-7688

Expensive, but amazing. Sit at the sushi bar for chef's choice.

2. Musha (310 ) 576-6330

Tokyo cuisine where sushi stays in the background. A great value with a staff that actually loves their jobs.

3. Locanda Portofino (310) 394-2070

The perfect neighborhood restaurant for a cozy, romantic dinner. P.S. The service and food don't suck either.

4. Blue Plate (310) 260-8877

Great eggs and wraps.

5. Mao's Kitchen (310) 581-8305

One of the only Chinese restaurants I can stomach. Plus it has a groovy Venice vibe and is open until 3am on Fri and Sat.

6. Cora's Restaurant (12803 Washington Blvd. by the 99 cent store)

So good and cheap with the most adorable Mexican waitress in existence. I can't get past ordering the chicken tacos and guacomole.

7. Melanee Thai (310) 273-4066

All I can say is: yum. This restaurant has the coolest booth seats, too.

*and aren't in Zagat's


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