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More Arresting Developments

Part of: Gossip , Television

[Breakfast: leftover frittata, green tea latte and 4 prunes]

I asked another Fox insider about the status of the original writers from "Arrested Development." This person said that lots of the writers left A.D. to go to other shows. This insider was also told that the job required incredibly long hours and that is why many left A.D. (Hmm..I thought that all T.V. writing jobs required long hours) This person's response is likely the "official" one that this insider got from the show. My other insider got their information from black and white print, so decide for yourselves. Perhaps there is truth to both of the responses.

Update 7/20 I've been told by a reader that my first insider was correct about all of the writers being fired.

*Updated "The Coral Tree Cafe" post here


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