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Must-See Movie

Part of: Hollywood , LA

[Breakfast: Belgian chocolate chip and cherry scone]

As of Friday evening the ArcLight had 42 tickets available for the following screening. This screening is sold out online. I'm a big fan of Atom Egoyan's earlier work. Watch "The Adjuster" and "Exotica" for a sampling of his earlier films.

From my ArcLight member e-mail:

Where The Truth Lies (NC17-No One 17 and Under Admitted)

Monday, October 10, 8pm

Q&A With Director Atom Egoyan, Producer Robert Lantos, and Cast Members Kevin Bacon and Colin Firth Follows Film

A shocking tale of talent and treachery, love and lust, buried secrets and betrayed trust, film stars Kevin Bacon, Colin Firth, Alison Lohman, Rachel Blanchard.

Blog Post Du Jour :

Adelphia blames equipment failure related to the Topanga fire for depriving thousands of their "Desperate Housewives" fix. (LA Observed)

Whatever, people. I was in the middle of ANTM last Tuesday (right before the stylist was going to critique each of the model wannabes' outfits) when the cable was cut off.


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