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Commerical Break--Rachel McAdams age watch

Part of: Gossip , Hollywood

[Breakfast: Green Eggs and Ham with a side of Fried Green Tomatoes]

Dear Rachel McAdams,

I don't know why you had such a hissy fit about posing nude for a "Vanity Fair" cover on up and coming young Hollywood starlets. It's not like you were going to be showing your breasts or ass. Perhaps you don't have a good body. If your publicist really didn't inform you about the nudity required, then you are totally justified in firing him/her, but I hope that you weren't just being a diva. Sure you are cute and look younger than your real age (29 or 30) but you aren't a star yet. Also, your publicist was really stupid to keep on changing your age, yet not alter it on IMDB. And your age keeps on changing. Previously I had read that you were 29, then 28, and now in this month's "In Style" you are 27. I guess that no one ever thought that you were going to be famous and that's why you started out acting with your, shudder, real age. Radar magazine online has updated their site (which I haven't seen any of the top Hollywood or gossip blogs mention) and says that you changed your mind and did pose nude. I hope that's true. My only other complaint is that you must change your hair color back to that lovely auburn shade. I've only seen one picture of you looking hot as a blonde and that color makes you look older. Best of luck!



I will be updating my blog today with another Mexico post. Meanwhile, check out the pictures that I added to the earlier Mexican holiday posts. Also, please click on my Blogads so that "Breakfast at Tiffany's" can remain active. Merci!!


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