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Wynn in Vegas- Part 2

Part of: Food , Travel

The only imperfect meals that we had were at The Terrace Point Café and The Country Club Grill. The day we went to The Terrace, the service was slow and the food was OK. At The Country Club, the decor was really WASPY, but cozy. I was served DK's medium burger with Gruyere and he got my medium-rare burger with cheddar. Our burgers were done over and the waiter and manager apologized profusely. However, I was very disappointed that my burger ended up over-seasoned. I didn't send it back a second time because I was starving. The atmosphere and view from The Grill were stunning.

In fact, every restaurant had a view. The Italian restaurant, Bartolatta, had excellent food and service. The last few steakhouses that we’ve tried in L.A. have been disappointing, so we were in heaven at Wynn’s signature restaurant, SW. The petit filet was one of the best I’ve ever had. It was also great fun watching a table full of drunken people. DK and I made bets on how long the younger man at the table could sit up for without falling over. There was one funny waitress who said "Bon Appetite" (I thought she said Good Appetite at first) instead of Bon Appetit—that was more classic than the time we were at The Loews in Beverlywood and the waitress called Veuve Clicquot "Vuvae Cliquet". We ended our dinner with a memorable dessert, Chocolate-Nutella Beignets with Crème Anglais. I almost died at how good they were—similar to doughnut holes, but better. Appetizers and drinks beforehand at Daniel Boulud were satisfying. We only ate at The Wynn during our stay, isn’t that insane?

Daniel Boulud Brasserie, SW Steakhouse and Parasol Downs have a view of The Lake of Dreams. At night the trees and the lake change colors, and four short shows take place over the water on a giant screen. This is the free show to check out if you’re doing drugs because it’s like a Salvador Dali painting come to life. The show has a mixture of surrealism and magic realism. Like most attractions, the tourist crowd around it like ants on a dead animal--so if the weather is good just get a table outside.

The casino was pretty cool and not overwhelming in size. Some of the cocktail waitresses were stunning, but most were tragically underweight. Those poor girls had to wear uniforms that had less coverage than an ice skater’s competition outfit.

My only major disappointment with the hotel was the spa. I get massages all the time, so I requested an experienced massage therapist when booking my appointment. I was told when I came in that my massage therapist was one of the spas best. My custom massage was only 45 minutes long, even though I was ready on time. I’m also not sure why the custom massage was called that because it was not tailored to my body and wasn’t exactly deep tissue. The massage felt very rushed, and I wondered if my massage therapist had ingested too much caffeine earlier that day to wake up from a drunken stupor.

The spa itself was well designed, but the staff and some of the patrons were too loud as well as the music. They were screening chick flicks like "Jerry McGuire" on a widescreen TV. I found that hilarious for some reason. Cleanliness was also an issue. I saw a few dirty hairbrushes around and towels were strewn on the benches in the sauna—ewww!! This was especially surprising since I visited the spa on a Sunday evening when it was slow. Hopefully, this problem will be remedied in the future, because the spa is quite beautiful.

All in all, a hotel hasn’t excited me this much in a long time, and DK and I travel quite often. We prefer boutique hotels, but somehow The Wynn wasn’t overwhelming and the service felt personal.


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