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Angelina Jolie Interview

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Did any of you see Angelina Jolie on Anderson Cooper's 360 last night? I was disappointed. At first I felt like I was going crazy because she kept on repeating things that she had already said. On my favorite new reality show, Hell's Kitchen, they repeat what just happened before the commercial break after the commercial break. So I thought maybe they were doing that, but it soon became apparent that they were stretching a 20 minute interview into a 40 minute one. They used the same coverage of her multiple times throughout the interview--that was some of the worst padding I've ever seen. Angelina looked beautiful, but what she was saying wasn't particularly educational--maybe Anderson Cooper wasn't asking the right questions. I did learn that there was a facility in the US for illegal immigrant minors who enter our country alone. These kids, who don't speak English, have to go to their legal hearings without the help of lawyers, though that's slowly changing. Most of them are deported. I also learned that Angelina is breast feeding Shiloh (very good to hear)and that "Z" her nickname for daughter Zahara is jealous of her new sister. Angelina also has Know Your Rights tattooed on her back.

I do wish that Angelina would have been truthful about why she went to Namibia to give birth. She had a pat answer about being somewhere where her children could still do things and not be locked up, and about how she wanted to be in Africa. Why couldn't she have just said the paparazzi were the real reason for her trip to Africa? Angelina mentioned that she and Brad flew a doctor in "just in case" anything happened. Then she went on to say how he worked well with the clinic/hospital staff.

It was nice that Angelina acknowledged that when she gives money to the countries that she visits, she can come back and see the changes that were made due to her generous donations. Most Americans don't have the luxury of knowing how their donations are being used by their charities of choice. It's too bad that Angelina didn't have a solution for this. It would be nice if she started her own charity, so people could feel comfortable about where their money was going. Angelina donates 1/3 of her salary each year to charity. That's a lot of money. I hope that fact inspires other people who make sick amounts of money to give more.

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