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Britney's KIT Porsche Speedster

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James Dean is way hotter in his Porsche Spyder than Britney Spears is in her Speedster. Also, James' Spyder was an original whereas Brit's is probably a kit replica. Vintage Porsches are very rare and range in the upper six and lower seven figures. Not that Brit can't afford that, but given that there's a store in Malibu Country Mart that sells the replica Speedster and Spyder and usually has one on site, I bet that Brit snatched one up there for around 20K-- probably around the amount Brit spends on a typical day out shopping. For shallow guys (without a lot of cash) wanting to impress shallow Barbie dolls, this is the car to buy. In Cannes, DK and I saw a guy in a Speedster that was getting stopped by people constantly. It's also a great car to buy if you don't have any friends. Their campaign should be: Drive to Impress (TM)

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