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Postcard From Cannes- Part Three

Part of: Hollywood , Travel

[Breakfast: cold Rosemary chicken]

There was this one George Saunders short story that I read in The New Yorker a few years ago, where everywhere you walk there is an advertisement for something. People have to be essentially plugged in at all times hearing ads or the government fines them. Walking around Cannes reminded me of this perhaps clairvoyant story. Of course, there are festivals going on all the time in Cannes, but I can't imagine that they promote their ads in such a vulgar fashion as Hollywood. It's easy to get caught up in the glamour and hype of Cannes, but what it's really about is promoting and selling movies. There's an actual film market going on in conjunction with the festival--the majority of hotel rooms along the main strip are rented out by companies during the festival. I know that's totally boring to think about, but the ads give Cannes a surreal Hollywood amusement park feeling, and I'm all about that.

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