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Entourage Close to Jumping the Shark

Part of: Hollywood , LA , Rant , Television

Let’s talk about Entourage. I was pissed when Aquaman did well because Vince was only interesting—that’s not true, his character is always really boring—his boys and Ari were only interesting while struggling to make something of themselves in the shark infested waters of Hollywood. Who wants to see Vince and his posse driving around in Aston Martins for fuck's sake? Oh, I shouldn’t have worried about that because the Astons disappeared by this week’s episode—even E was driving a Mercedes. I was psyched when Vince was knocked off his movie star pedestal after getting thrown off Aquaman 2 and not being able to do the film that he was actually passionate about. Now we’d have some real drama and see Adrien Grenier maybe act a little. No such luck.

After learning that he wasn’t going to get a 12 million paycheck nor act in his dream project, Vince went on with his life like nothing had happened as did the other characters. This week Vince further nailed the hole in his career coffin by declaring that Queens Boulevard had been ruined by the studio execs at the film’s press conference. I wish he had some excuse for being so dumb like being really young or a drug addict. At this point Vince should be killed off and Drama can be the new star. The writers should bone up on their film industry knowledge. Ari would've for sure dropped Vince as a client by now and wouldn't have a chance of running a powerful agency with a huge studio like Warner's blackballing all of his clients. Remember when that happened two episodes ago?

Entourage has also been a little too touchy feely this season. I don’t care about how often Ari is shagging his wife or if his boring daughter is dating some egomaniacal pint-sized actor. It doesn’t turn me on that E had a ménage a trios with his vaguely pretty girlfriend that is really only a girlfriend of convenience for the writers of the show and her friend who I finally figured out was on Lisa Kudrow’s show but couldn’t recognize, because she looked like she’d aged 5 years overnight and had gotten ugly hair extensions (Obviously, Lisa Kudrow had an Oprah cam* on her show) and why was she staying at The Standard Downtown? It was cool seeing Ari’s new agency space on last week’s episode because I know someone who was going to rent that space. The problem is that it’s nowhere near the size needed to start a powerful agency in. The building is on Crescent and Wilshire. Entourage seems to be getting caught up in its own hype. Sure Entourage is still a fun ride, but I wish the writers would bump it up to the next level.

*The lighting and cameras on the Oprah show make people look beautiful and young.

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