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Nick and Vanessa Won't Last

Part of: Gossip , Jessica Simpson

Nick Lachey is still on the rebound, which makes him even harder to land. This Vanessa Minnillo chick that he’s been hanging out with needs a refresher course on The Rules or should watch the movie How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. She seriously doesn’t get that the fastest way to lose a guy is too act too clingy and needy. She shouldn’t be the one lavishing affection on Nick in public with hardly any of it returned. She also shouldn’t be caressing the underside of any man’s chin for any length of time much less 5 minutes. Obviously, Vanessa has been spending too much time with her cats. You’ll notice in the video below...

...that Nick touches her chin for a second, but then stops because he feels silly. This relationship can only end in tears for Vanessa.

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