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Anna and Howard Made a Baby

Part of: Gossip , Hollywood , Television
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Yuck. Howard K. Stern admitted to Larry King that he's the father of Anna Nicole Smith's baby girl, Dannie Lynn Hope. He and Anna have supposedly been a couple for some time. WTF? I really don't care if this is true, but it seems like he's just trying to take the heat off of Anna or get her even more publicity. Howard and Anna plan to live happily ever after in the Bahamas. You would think that photojournalist, Larry Birkhead, would go away and stop grumbling about being the baby's father. Nope. Larry told CNN that he can prove that he's the real father (Anna told him so!) and is going to request a DNA test be done in the US. I don't know why he cares--I guess he thinks that she'll pay him off to shut his trap.


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