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Another Birkin Bites the Dust

Part of: Fashion , Gossip , Lindsay Lohan , Travel

Let's take a look back at Lindsay when she was feeling carefree swinging her orange Hermès Birkin bag in route to Hawaii. Little did she know that at another airport (the much scarier London Heathrow) her prized possession would be snatched away from her without her knowledge according to TMZ. (BTW: Shouldn't have Harry Morton, Dinah Lohan or a bodyguard been watching her bags at all times? How does a huge orange bag go missing?) Only time will reveal if Lindsay really had some precious jewelry in her bag and other items worth appoximately $1m (remember how she had supposedly lost a million dollars worth of jewelry in a London cab awhile back? It wasn't true.) At least she...

...still has her blue Hermès Birkin bag.


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